My Influences.


I get a lot of my insperation from the fauvist movement and it has an impact on my work.

Fauvism is a name given to art created by some artists suchas Henri Matisse and Andre Derain, the art work can aslo be identified by agressive brush strokes and strong colours.  The fauvism movement were very interested in the complementray colours.

Colour Theory -The fauvists were very influenced by scientific theories that were develpoed in the nineteenthcentury.  Complementary colours are colours that are oposite from eachother, this can be seen on any colour wheel, using oposite colours with each tother makes yor subject stand out more and appear brighter. 

What inspires Fauvism - fauvism isoften seen as an extention of post-impressionism intertwined with neo-impressionism, from artists such as Van Gogh and Seurat.  Matisee was inspired by these earlier movements to reject traditional three-dimensional space, they will instead replace the space with flat areas or areas of colour in a new illistrated space. 
The conceptul art movement began in the 1960s, the artists in this movement focus more on communicating the concept that is influencing them and try to communicate this through their art.  Making a conceptual art piece takes decision making and planning before making the artwork begins.  Artists are given a lot of space to create throught thier vision, unlike a lot of other movements. 
Grayson Perry is a big influence for creating.  Perry takes concepts and makes a visual representation, as I see it.  He asks heavy questions one being 'Who are you?', after asking himself that question when exploring his gender identity, he then explores this question with others telling their story.

My Projects

A lot of my projects are often self assigned to improve my style and technique and explore different themes.  When I am given a project I become totally consumed by it until it is completed to my liking and fits the criteria given.

My passion is what I create.  Until I complete a piece that is identical to my vision I am dedicated to completing it.