The Professional




Faceless Monarch - Queen Victoria


Henri Matisse - Fish Bowl


This is part of my Identity colection exploring my relationship with my body.  I also worked to capture my restlesness due to my insomnia, like many art students I often complete my artwork in manic insomniac periods.  Part of exploring Identity was also looking at the influence my insomnia has on me, something that i have struggled with from early childhood.  

 it is important to many people in the world that you show your face, what your face looks like and what you 'choose' to do to your face, esspecially if you are a woman.  I wanted to find a way to show my confusion on what the 'right way' to show myself is and that can be differnt in every setting.  This project allowed me to explore how I define identity in different settings. When I related it to myself the way I wanted to apraoch that project changed, as the initial focus what not related to myself.  I was considering identity to be external, and then I stared to think about identity in an internal way and how that is presented externaly.  

Advanced Higher Art

This is part of my AH portfolio, part of my school curriculum.  My goal was to explore different ancient cultures after going on a trip to Egypt and being influenced by the Valley of the Kings.  This included experimenting with oil paint for the first time and exploring diffeerent movements rather than a singal artist.